At OPL we look beyond what our clients want in a project. We look at how you are going get there.

I want to design & build and keep to a budget

Everybody has a budget (well everyone we have met).  Understanding how that budget is allocated across the four areas of building projects is absolutely essential. After your first meeting with OPL you will immediately feel more in control. We aim to empower the customer with the ability to make decisions around your own priorities, timelines and budget constraints.

We begin the entire budgeting process from the initial concept plans. By costing at the earliest stage we are able to deliver your project within your budget and your priorities. It is really that simple.


I already have a design started started

OPL works seamlessly with our clients' hired architects to construct that perfect home they are envisioning. Even if the design is underway, we transition smoothly into a side-by-side collaboration. This is possible because of our process focuses on impeccable communication between all parties involved in the project, and by keeping lines of communication open between every member of our team and clients, we are able to easily manage and co-ordinate the multiple aspects of your project.